The Perfect Arrangement for the best Visa Card Gifts

The secret Santa is a Christmas game where every participant has to give a present to.  The person from whom he has taken the name this is the ideal solution when you.  Cannot offer a gift to all your colleagues and want to share a friendly moment during. In this article, we give you some ideas for choosing the right gift for the office! With Vanilla Visa as a gift option for you, you can have the best option available now.

The Principle:

An innocent hand will record all participants’ names on small pieces of paper. She will then draw a name for each participant by ensuring that it does not fall on itself. Members will then only have to set a price range and a date when they will offer their gifts.

Either you come across a person you like or know, in which case it will be easier to find an idea; if not, once the disappointment has passed, what to choose as a gift?

  • Things that are useless in plastics and made by children;
  • Displaced gifts (sex toys / underwear, deodorant / mint lozenge, humorous cards that spit out sound continuously);
  • A gift that you have already been given , you never know, the world is very small;
  • A gift with the label on sale “all 1 $”;
  • Alcohol is to be banned, it may be that the person does not drink, or that she does not particularly like the type of alcohol you have offered. Otherwise, you will always have the humorous pen holder:

Special mention for the mug or the pen, if you offer one, they must really have something special! Pay attention to the culture of the person, especially in terms of food, symbols or values.

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The Perfect Arrangement for the best Visa Card Gifts

Choose The Right Gift:

  • Make a personalized gift: what do you know about the person, his activities, his tastes? Has she ever hinted at a trip, a book, a concept?
  • Make a practical gift: the goal is to please and the person remembers your little attention every time they use it.
  • Think of a homemade gift: if you are creative, do not hesitate to put all your energy into this project, after all even if it’s mega ugly, it comes from the heart!
  • Think of an original gift, even funny: as a cushion for your colleague who loves to take a nose after a Mac Do around 15:00.
  • Think of a gift for the office: you will avoid marital tragedies or misunderstandings (eg a parachute jump, pure invitation to get laid?)

To make his child understand that Christmas is not just a time when buying too much, it is important to prepare with him some small things that will please. “Create with the youngest decorations for the Christmas tree, gifts for granny or tata Isabelle, cook biscuits or cakes. Get them to involve as soon as you can and give them the idea of ​​giving and paying attention to each other, “the specialist advises. The psychologist adds that parents can “ask the child to choose a small gift that will be given to a poor child. It can choose from old disinvested toys but in good condition, or taken from the gifts received.