Playing Online Poker, Who You Are Against

I started playing online poker several years ago. Now, to be clear, I’m not a professional poker player, I just started to play for fun. I was just interested in playing, looking for fun and to tone my poker skills. I sometimes play in small cash games and sometimes play in the larger tournaments, free roll and for a small fee.

I play and have played at a number of sites, some of the larger ones where there are lots of players and some smaller sites, fewer people and fewer games. I even play at a site that requires a monthly subscription. The advantage with this site, Club WPT, is while there are no cash games, they host daily cash tournaments. It also brings a more serious player to the tables.

Now, I know what your question is, how good are you? Well, I don’t think I’m bad. Again, as I said, I’m no pro, but I have had some success at the tables. Plus, I feel it has helped me improve my game at live tables.

If you’re new to online poker, you should be aware of the different types of players you will face. These players are at every site, from PokerStars to Full Tilt. And the larger the game, the more of these players you’ll see.

Let’s begin with ‘All-inners’. These players go all in before the flop. Every hand. They may have pocket aces, they may have 3 9 off suit. It doesn’t matter. They’re going to buy the blinds. Or try too.

They may change it up and are typically forced too. Serious players will begin folding before the flop, so the ‘all-inner’ will wait until the flop, then go all in. Again, doing this despite whatever their hand maybe. These players are dangerous. They build a chip lead early and have the advantage to bully the table. In the end, after having some glory, luck runs out, others begin build their own chips and the ‘all-inner’ is eliminated by the first break.

There is a lesser version of the ‘all-inner’, it’s player that situs idn poker will only go all in before the flop if they have an Ace or face card. To me, they’re not quite as dangerous, easier to figure out.

So, you survive the first few hands. Who will you run into next? Undoubtedly, you will see the player that will try to buy his way out of a bad hand. Here’s an example, you get pocket A J, off suit. This player gets A 3 off suit. After small raises before the flop, you two are still in the hand. The flop comes J, J, 6. Now it doesn’t matter where you bet, either first or last, this player is going to raise you. Even if your bet tells him that you have a pocket jack. It’s not that they see it as bluffing, it’s seeing it as wasting an Ace.

Playing Online Poker, Who You Are Against

At sometime, you will be called a donk, or donkey. Despite how you played a hand. Some players just can’t handle their mid pair losing or someone catching a straight. These players will criticize every player at the table. Some will continue to harp about a hand they lost for situs idn poker half an hour.

There are other players that will blame the site. “This site is a joke.” Of course, I’ve never understood that. If you lose, it’s the site’s fault? Then why do you still play here?

So there you have it, just a small sample of you are going to run into at the tables online. If you decide to play in cash games, you’ll see a more serious player and that may actually help you. But you will still see some of these types.

By no means am I telling you how to play, play you’re style, but knowing what to look for will help you. Good luck at tables.